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I started creating videos at a young age with friends for fun, and it immediately became a passion. The storytelling, creative, and technical challenges of the art-form kept it interesting despite only having a limited budget for the hobby as a kid. My love for filmmaking never died as I got older so I decided to study Film, Journalism and Mass Communication in College. After getting my Bachelor’s Degree, I embarked on a career in Film, Television, and eventually Freelance Video Production. Over the years, I realized that I most enjoyed creating content for businesses and getting them success through video. After all, video is the most powerful tool a business can have!


After doing this professionally for a decade, something in the back of my mind was still keeping me up at night. It bothered me that even the most amazing small businesses could never access high-end video production and marketing experts with the right skills and gear to create them the effective video content they needed. Instead, they were limited to local videographers who didn’t understand their business or have the knowledge and experience of a dozen or so specialists needed to create content that would get them results. So in 2018, I decided to bring together some of the best experts in the fields of cinematography, lighting, sound, editing, writing, research, and marketing… Creating Bindra Productions.

Bindra Productions Producing a Customer Testimonial and Explainer Video for Budget Blinds.
Bindra Productions Filming a Corporate Video for UNA University of North Alabama Department of Sociology.
Production crew on set with a green screen.
ARRI Camera on a set for a commercial for a business.

Our Goal

Our goal was simple: give small and medium-sized businesses access to a million-dollar video marketing department with 20+ experts and the best equipment at a cost they could FINALLY afford. Since then, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses generate millions of dollars of additional revenue by using effective video marketing.

How Are We Different?

Bindra Productions creates videos that get actual business results. We specialize in video production for businesses because they deserve more. Business owners deserve an asset that gets results for their business and helps them reach their goals. I’m proud to run a business in which my team has become my second family and our clients have become our friends. We solve problems, get results, and have fun doing it.

How Do We Have The Best Rates In The Country?

We have been able to offer our clients the best value in the country. How do we do this? Simple.

We’re a group of passionate individuals who love what we do and consider ourselves lucky that we can make a living doing this. We would still be helping businesses and creating amazing videos even if this wasn’t our job. Not the other way around.

We understand that for a successful business every dollar matters. So not only do we make the best video for the money, we also strive to get you the highest return on your investment.

We’re Pre-Production Kings. We not only research your objectives, analyze your market, and study your customer demographics, but we also look at your competition to ensure that your video content clearly differentiates your brand!

Bindra Productions Filming a Safety and Training Video for a Car Wash Tunnel.
Bindra Productions Filming a College Tour Video for University of North Alabama UNA College of Education COEHS.
Bindra Productions with an Interview Setup.

We spend money where it matters and save where it doesn’t. So instead of a fancy building and offices, we invest in the best equipment and hire the best people.

We’ve got cinema cameras, professional lighting, and top-of-the-line audio equipment all in-house for use on any project. We believe that every client deserves high-quality content and we INSIST on using the right tools for the job no matter what a client’s budget may be.

Our team consists of expert cinematographers, marketing specialists, brand strategists, writers, editors, colorists, award-winning audio engineers, and dedicated production crews that all work together to help each and every client succeed through video.

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- Mark Wells
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- Donna Thackerson

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